“Nobody told me there’d be days like these…” – John Lennon

How can having an assistant make your life easier?

SwampedDo you find yourself playing catch-up on evenings and weekends?  Perhaps you’re setting aside a workday for “office tasks” – and taking time away from serving your clients, growing your business, or enjoying your personal life.

Let’s face it – you didn’t start your business with the desire to be your own administrative assistant.  Maybe you even struggle with administrative tasks.  You’re not sure if what you’re doing is the most efficient and effective way to get those tasks completed.

Well, you don’t have to “do it all!”  You can have a trusted assistant to handle those tasks quickly and efficiently.

I will work collaboratively with you, helping you accomplish your goals and adding value to your business.  You’ll rest assured knowing your Virtual Assistant is completing those administrative tasks quickly, accurately, and professionally.  This allows you to give the important things in your life the time they deserve.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Many people describe Virtual Assistance in different ways. Basically, a virtual assistant is someone that handles your non-billable or “busy” tasks, freeing you up to increase your time with your clients or enjoy some free time with your loved ones.  Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of Virtual Assistance.

Fun Facts About Me…

.. Active ally for GLBT equality... Can't boil an egg... Happily obsessively organized... Can't sleep without at least one cat on the bed... "Punctual" means 5 minutes early... Classic Rock expert... Has over 500 stegosauruses... Rarely purchases anything that's not purple.