You’re Here For A Reason

“Nobody told me there’d be days like these.” – John Lennon

Let’s talk about you

super_womanYou enjoy your business.  You get to do what you love with people you admire and respect.  You’re profitable because you rock at what you do.  And you may even be recognized as a “subject matter expert” in your field.  Yay, you!

So what’s wrong? You have a gnawing feeling that this is not what you hoped for. Your client work keeps you busy, but you have no time to work on your business. You live in a world of overwhelm and lots of stress. And deep down, you know that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

Does this sound like you? If so, download my Top 10 Signs You Need a VA (PDF).

Let’s talk about what you need

How about a trusted right-hand.  A partner in crime.  A Barney Fife to your Andy Taylor.  Or a Mr. Spock to your Captain Kirk.  Together, we’ll get you out of the chaos and overwhelm.

You need to get all this stuff off your project list and have some fun.  You’ll get to say “Here, Sheryl, handle this for me” with the assurance it will be done correctly and quickly.  You need ME – Sheryl M. Snitkin.  An administrative virtuoso.  A seasoned professional.  The one that has the skills, knowledge, energy, and determination to get things done.  Finally, you get to relax!

Are you ready to increase your productivity and play big?  Let’s go!


Fun Facts About Me…

.. Active ally for GLBT equality... Can't boil an egg... Happily obsessively organized... Can't sleep without at least one cat on the bed... "Punctual" means 5 minutes early... Classic Rock expert... Has over 500 stegosauruses... Rarely purchases anything that's not purple.